Retirement & Pension Planning

With the ever-increasing amount of moves an individual will make in their working career and the disappearance of defined benefit pensions, especially in the private sector, we help assist people from all walks of life with providing clarity with regards to the number of pension pots they have accumulated and how these pensions, along with their savings and investments can sustain not only their expenditure needs in retirement but understand what financial wants this could allow them to achieve.

Whatever your aim, comprehensive financial planning is required so you can cease paid employment while being able to afford your desired lifestyle while taking into consideration how much you might want to pass on to your family.

It’s never too early to start planning your finances and our team can help plan and identify exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your aims and dreams while ensuring tax efficiency. We will gather as much information as possible on your existing assets and then have an objective discussion.

For us, this means:

A cash flow plan to show how much you may need to meet your retirement goals

How to invest your money throughout retirement

The lifetime allowance and how it might affect you

How to make pension contributions using carry forward allowances

The annual allowance and how tapering applies for high earners

Making the most of your pension for inheritance tax planning